MyDressbox | Wedding Dress Cleaning Process

Still have questions after reading about our process?  Read about our wedding dress cleaning Philosophy, or check out our Cleaning FAQ! :-)

1. Choose your MyDressbox

Select the MyDressbox that best describes your wedding dress and wedding dress condition.  Complete the order online (please note delivery times vary depending on where you live - e.g. New Zealand South Island takes a little longer!)

2. Receive "Collection Box"

MyDressbox will despatch a "Collection Box" to the address you supplied as soon as your order is processed.  Note: This is not the final "MyDressbox" box that we will return your cleaned, steamed wedding dress in.  It's simply a transport only box that minimises the chance of your MyDressbox getting damaged in transit.

3. Pack and Return Collection Box

Place your Wedding Dress in the supplied bag, and follow instructions to pack into the Collection Box.  Once your wedding dress is safely packed according to instructions, call the number on the box to have the courier come and collect it.

4. E-mail Notification: Wedding Dress Cleaning Process Starting

As soon as we receive your Wedding Dress we will notify your via email to let you know its about to get cleaned.  The cleaning process can take up to three weeks, depending on the condition of the dress and how busy we are.  Some wedding dresses need to be processed 2-3 times to remove stubborn stains!

5. Finishing Process

Your wedding dress is fully dried before being steamed, wrapped in acid-free tissue paper and carefully folded into your "MyDressbox" Storage Box.

6. Email Notification: Your Dress is being returned to you

As soon as your Wedding Dress is in its MyDressbox, we will contact our courier company to arrange for it to be collected and returned to you.

7. That's It!

You can choose whether to put your Wedding Dress somewhere safe, or perhaps considering on-selling it. 

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