Wedding Dress Cleaning FAQ

How does mydressbox work?

It’s simple.  Just buy the MyDressbox that best describes your wedding dress style and condition.  We’ll send you a box with a prepaid courier ticket - simply call the number on the box to have it collected and ship us your wedding dress.  We’ll then wash, clean, steam and return your wedding dress to you in a MyDressbox which is suitable for storage!

What size MyDressbox should I choose?

Typically speaking, our advice here is 'go with your instinct'!  Most of our customers choose regular MyDressbox, but you'll have a good feeling if your dress is Light (e.g. a short, summer style) or Extra (very layered, or particularly soiled).  You can Message us on Facebook with a photo of your dress if you're not sure! :-)

Can you deliver to a rural delivery address?

No.  As we use regular courier services, we cannot deliver to rural addresses.  Let us know you are a rural delivery and the team will coordinate with you to send to a nearby agent for our courier service.

What if I choose the wrong MyDressbox?

If you're Wedding Dress arrives and you've picked the wrong box, no worries; we will let you know and arrange a credit or upgrade as needed.

Once I order my MyDressbox, how long does it take?

When you place an order, we will ship your box ASAP (normally the following business day!). 
Depending on where you're located, your box will typically arrive in 2-5 days.  Once you pack your dress and call the courier to collect, it normally takes 2-3 weeks to clean, box and return your wedding dress to you.

Do I need to get a dressbox straight after my wedding day?

All wedding dresses should be cleaned as soon as possible.  Stains set into fabric the longer they have time to set.  We recommend to get a wedding gown to us within six weeks.  Your wedding is a busy time, so don't rush, but don't leave cleaning your wedding dress too long!

Can wedding dresses with beading and or lace be washed?

Yes.  Mydressbox is perfect for bridal dresses with beading and lace.

Do you clean silk wedding dresses?

No.  Due to the delicate nature of silk fabric our hand washing process is not suitable for this type of fabric.

I didn’t get my wedding dress cleaned straight after my wedding – can I still order a dressbox?

Yes, we quite often clean dresses that have been left for months or even years after a wedding.  For best results we recommend getting your dress cleaned as soon as possible after your wedding day.

There’s some damage to my dress, should I get it repaired before I send it?

No,  our professional seamstresses will make minor repairs to the dress, if required, as part of the MyDressbox service.  If we find more serious damage or too many minor repairs, we will contact you to discuss. Minor repairs include: Loose beads, missing hook or eye, any seam that has been split or pulling apart. Please note, rips in tulle or other fabric is not considered minor. If you would like us to see what we can do with a rip please specify when ordering. 

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